Top Ten Fastest Cars of 2017 and 2018

Playing video games, watching racing cars movies and aiming to drive one of those fantasy cars was the wishes to dreams come true at that time. Today, the automakers all across the globe have automated the car manufacturing system to the next level and they are able to produce super-fast and furious cars same likely we have been seeing in our dreams. After a number of years’ researches, the auto engineers have revealed that only giving the powerful engine to a car is not the secret of speed.

Fastest Cars of 2017
Fastest Cars of 2017

There are many other important factors that plays important role to make a car a flying car. Like the acceleration power, gear transmissions and fuel type. All combines in a unit to give speed to the car. Taking these factors in the mind, in this infographics, we have picked the top 10 accelerating cars of 2017 in UK. Fuel consumption, Co2 emission and engine power makes them the top accelerating cars.

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