Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Home

Modern kitchens are more than utilitarian spaces. As the hub of the house, kitchens serve a number of functions, from cooking meals, serving dishes to accommodating guests. A beautifully designed kitchen can completely change the outlook of your décor. A modern kitchen is incomplete without kitchen cabinet. Nowadays, there are different types of cabinets available that come in diverse colours and materials. To spice up your decor, you can experiment with modern cabinet styles. As pointed out by the infographic from essentialkitchens, the top five cabinet styles include stainless steel cabinetry, lacquered cabinets, veneer wood cabinetry, and oak wood cabinets. Other variants which include floating shelves, gun metal steel cabinets, and a combination of wood, lacquered and paint are also preferable these days. Ditch your dull cabinets and install these bold designs to energise your kitchen space. A kitchen cabinet is much more than furniture. Augment the functionality of your kitchen with these unique cabinetry options.


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