Top 10 Admired Engines Of 2016

The Best 10 Engines of 2016 are most likely selected by the jury that are most commonly used in UK’s favourite cars.

Every engine selected in the list is capable of winning an award of the best engines but the models that are using them are winners. Some of them are serving the top selling cars in the UK, such as Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Astra, Ford engines are serving the award winning MPV of Ford. We have Ingenium Engines in the list, admired and inaugurated by Her Majesty, The Queen. Volkswagen Engines love to comply with world’s most advanced emission standard EURO6, after a big dent in the repute because of Volkswagen diesel gate scandal.

One of the best fuel efficiency and shining star BMW N-Series engines, admired by company car drivers and thousands of British drivers is also on the list. Apart from these everyday applications, when it comes to power, several engines genuinely present the years of team efforts and study and progress of the manufacturers.

Despite the fact that the top ten most admired engines in the UK were chosen for the list. These are the excellent selected ones for the propulsion.

Top 10 Admired Engines Of 2016

Infographic source: Used Engines For Sale

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