The Satellite Television

When The Soviet union launched the first satellite into space on October 4, 1957, it marked the beginning of great things to come. Barely a few years later, the first communication satellite was also launched. It did not take long before satellite tv broadcasting was initiated. That was the birth of digital TV.

In order to get a better understanding of this remarkable phenomenon, we shall be looking at the different categories available, the advantages of using it and how it compares to the cable TV.

There are three main categories of satellite television. Namely: The Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Television Receive Only (TVRO), and Direct to Home television (DTH). DBS and DTH are almost similar in that their transmissions are relayed directly to the consumer. TVRO, on the other hand, is a North American term that refers to the reception of satellite television feeds from Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) type of satellites.

Comparison to cable TV

Moving on, the comparison to the cable TV portray minor, yet distinct differences. To start with, the cable TV is very popular in households, comes with over 300 analog and digital channels which are limited, and you will need a set-top box, coaxial wires & cables to connect. A local franchise broadcasting fee has to be paid before you start enjoying the electronic program guide, video on demand and other subscription services.

On the part of the satellite TV, it is still growing and spreading out slowly. Different countries are at separate stages of initiating the service. A subscriber of this service gets to enjoy more than 250, 100% digital quality channels. There are no limitations whatsoever since it is for all channels. To be connected, you will need a satellite dish, set-top box, and antennas. What you pay for depends on the channels selected. The special features that come with the subscription include electronic program guides, the ability to record, rewind, forward, and pause a program.


The benefits are akin to all the features mentioned above. You will have the many programming packages of both local and foreign content. It also comes with AM and FM radio stations broadcasted from all over the world. Subscribers get to enjoy high definition, quality images, and sound. As for the rates, it all depends on your budget. There are packages to accommodate people from different economic backgrounds.

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The Satellite Television

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