Role of Social Media in Food Industry

When you make plans to dine out almost everybody have their usual staple restaurants where you know the menu and the ambience like the back of your hand. But at times you feel the need to explore your options. There are always the looming doubts that rise about how good the restaurant is and what are the out of the box elements it has to offer. Previously it was provided by the food critics. Current case scenario social media is the reigning kingpin globally. This has managed to spawn food critics out of social media users left right and centre. When you browse a certain restaurant on your bucket list you will find innumerable sites that will cater to your every query and offer an assortment of reviews and ratings from multiple previous customers. Your decision about where to go when you want to dine out is just a click away.

Hospitality companies in Dubai have come to heavily rely on this medium to market their restaurant brand name and maximize their reach. It is no more just word of mouth and billboards that will help garner attention. Using social media as one of the predominant staple in the marketing plan of action and business plan of restaurant is now imperative.

If the restaurant interior design is one of its unique selling points the hospitality service consultancies can heavily bank on the same while endorsing the restaurant brand on social network. Social media has managed to devise this massively interlinked web that has the farthest reach globally which can completely revolutionize the restaurant marketing strategy.

The quirks that have been made feasible by social media are as follows:

Interactive campaigns and promotional ideas that adhere to the masses have made it possible for the restaurants to openly acknowledge both compliments and gracefully accept criticism.

Visual impact of both the dishes via food photography as well as the interiors can be made Instagram famous by just a brush across your mobile keys. Hashtags that are cleverly concocted and innovative easily grab eyeballs and spread amongst the masses at breakneck speed

It allows the hospitality companies to monitor the response they have managed to forge via sites that provide a sweeping few of multiple social media site reviews.

It helps amplify each promotional campaign and maintain the buzz surrounding the restaurant that can help conceive a proactive reputation management

Social media users carry their mobile phones when they dine out and click and share the dishes and interiors hence providing a one click location based endorsement that gets shared multiple times within a matter of seconds

Social media also provides best deals, discounts, food coupons and group buying offers that will drag people to dine out because of the enticing nature of the deals.

The restaurants can provide details regarding their menu including the calorie intake as well as ingredients for people having dietary restrictions via social media. This will help ease the doubts of the customers.

Ribbon-me a Dubai based restaurant consultancy and management organization diligently provides hospitality services to its client base that includes both corporate and individuals. With the adage of a proactive team this company proffers an umbrella of hospitality services with unmatched efficiency.

Role of Social Media in Food Industry

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