Power Flushing Explained

Powerflushing is purely and simply a way of removing the rust that slowly builds up in your heating system and boiler over time. Water, chemicals, powerflush equipment and an experienced plumber are used to remove the rust and sludge from your central heating.

If you have seen someone else’s system powerflushed you will know what an amazing amount of stuff can come out, in all shapes and sizes. But, contrary to popular belief the vast majority of the sludge that you see does not come from your boiler. Most non-condensing boilers (those installed before 2006) have cast-iron heat exchangers and they, by and large, do not rust. The vast majority or rust and/or sludge in your heating comes from the radiators themselves as they are made from mild-steel.

This infographic is a quick-view look at how a power flush is done and what results you can expect when it is carried out by a specialist plumber.

Infographic by Powerflushuk

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