Pick the Right Pair of Trail Running Shoes in 10 Steps

This infographic illustrates 10 steps to choosing the perfect pair of trail running shoes for you. Read the infographic to understand how to choose the perfect trail running shoes in 10 simple steps. You should be aware of the grip and weight of your shoe. Do not forget the support and heel to toe drop. When comes to breathability, wearable computing may be coming to your running shoes soon. As far as the safety is concerned, when you head out for a run or hike at night, reflective design for night visibility is a must.

What may feel comfortable at home may be less comfortable 30 minutes in on rough ground so do not choose and overly soft midsole. Do not forget about the protection and keep in mind the plenty of rocks and sticks covering trails that can bruise your feet. Last but not least, be stylish even you are going out for a run with your dog.

Pick the Right Pair of Trail Running Shoes in 10 Steps

Infographic by Runnerclick’s Guide to Trail Running Shoes

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