How Often Should Clothes be Washed? (Perhaps More Often Than You Think!)

Did you know that simply heating the water accounts for up to 90% of the cost of doing laundry?
(Fortunately, most modern laundry detergents have been reformulated to work perfectly well on the cold water setting.)

Here’s another laundry-washing tidbit:
On average, each of us sheds over 1 1/2 pounds of dead skin per year… and much of that ends up in our clothes and bedding where it feeds bacteria, fungus and more! (But that’s only ONE of the health reasons why it’s important to do laundry on a regular schedule.)

Knowing when, why and how to do laundry can be awfully difficult and confusing. Fortunately, has created the following infographic that outlines:

  1. When different types of laundry should be washed
  2. Why clean clothes are important (preventing body odor is just one of the many reasons)
  3. Tips for how to get your clothes clean while saving money and extending the life of your machines.

We suggest that you print it and post it near your laundry machine or clothes hamper as a reminder to everyone in your household of when, why and how to do laundry.

Clothes washing guidelines infographic

Infographic Source: Floridahealth

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