How Many Ubers Would Santa Need?

Santa has an unbelievable task on Christmas Eve. Neither the post office, UPS nor FedEx are capable of such a feat. Magic is the only way Santa is able to deliver all those toys to the children of the world.

Santa’s Ride on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Santa will deliver 526 million gifts to children. He’ll have 24 hours to make deliveries across all timezones. He’ll be delivering 22 million gifts per hour and traveling 212 million miles.

But when calamity strikes and Santa’s sleigh breaks down, he would likely do the same thing the rest of us do when our car needs repairs — turn to Uber.

While Uber may seem magical at times, it would take a massive number of drivers to deliver all the toys before Christmas Day.

How Many Ubers Would Santa Need?
How Many Ubers Would Santa Need? Created By: ForRent

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