The Mandalika Project? Why Is Important For The World Eco-tourism?

Mandalika Project

The next big development currently pursued by the Indonesian government on the Lombok island, Sister of the famous tourist destination of Bali. The US$ 3 billion development project will be named Mandalika project Resort and will be located in Kuta Bay, South Lombok. A factor considered as a major driver in the increasing land values. is that the project, the largest of its kind in South East Asia, will include luxury hotels, a yacht marina, golf courses, water and theme parks, and hosting the 2019 Moto GP race circuit.

Green Indonesia with Mandalika Resort

The vision of the Mandalika project development includes a “green solution” for the infrastructure which, therefore, will be supported by environmentally friendly technologies such as solar power plants, water treatment facilities, electric transportation system, and a greenhouse to grow crops organically.

All elements that provide a unique base for, finally, a Sustainable Eco-Tourism project, the first of its kind in Indonesia, and hopefully a gateway for much more to come, which are extremely important for the conservation of the incredible and extreme fragile ecosystem that permeates the over 17,000 islands of which Indonesia is constituted.

Goes without mentioning that such a pivot point in the highly populated country of Indonesia will have a significant impact on elements such as deforestation and urbanization and perhaps as first Eco-Friendly tourist project development, could leave the footsteps necessary for further plans.

All of these provide a unique window of opportunity for investors to buy into a market that is on a steep upward curve, yet the Mandalika project remains exclusive and available at an unbelievable value.

The Mandalika Project? Why Is Important For The World Eco-tourism?

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