Laws That Apply To Bicyclists

Riding a bicycle is a good way to spend your spare time, and it is now seen as a healthy activity which helps people stay in shape. However, nowadays people have less and less free time so many of them consider biking to work every day, as the streets are usually crowded with cars in the morning and using a bicycle can successfully replace public means of transport. Not to mention that it is cheaper, as well.

Using a bicycle to move around the city can be the best choice as it offers several advantages in comparison with other means of transport or recreation. It helps us keep fit, reduces pollution and combines utility with pleasure.

However, bikers are quite exposed to traffic accidents, considering that bicycle lanes are found in a low number in most of the cities. As a bicyclist, you must always be careful about the cars around you and your position on the road. Therefore, in order to make this activity a safe and pleasant one, it is necessary for bicyclists to know the laws that apply to them and which are the protection items that should not miss from their equipment.

  • Routine check. Before you go on the road, check your bike with great care. It must be working perfectly. Make sure that the brakes are functional and the tires are properly inflated.
  • Precaution. Do not go out with the bicycle if you suspect that something is not right. Take it to a specialist and have it checked.
  • Proper helmet. Wearing a helmet is very important even if you go out with the bike for a short period. You should buy one that fits very well in order to ensure maximum protection in case of an accident.
  • Adequate clothing. When using the bike in the city, it is recommended to wear clothes colored in light colors such as yellow and orange, as these make you more visible in traffic.
  • Reflective vest. Wearing a reflective vest is required by law when riding the bicycle at night as it is very important in order to keep all the traffic participants safe.
  • Mirrors. Attached to the handle bar, mirrors are very helpful in traffic. Bicycle handling becomes much simpler and safer if you know what cars or other traffic participants are coming from behind.
  • Water bottle support. If you use the bicycle for long distances, it is very useful to have a bottle of water with you that is easy to access. Staying hydrated is very important, especially in the hot summer days.
  • Bicycle lights. If you intend to use the vehicle at night, it is essential to know that a red reflector and a headlamp are mandatory. These lights make you more visible to the other traffic participants and also light up the way. If you go out in the city on your bike at night very often, you might consider buying some lights that come with a generator which generates electricity as you pedal.

These are just the essential things that you must take into account when you go out on the bike. However, remember that when you go out in the city on a bicycle, you have to rely solely on yourself to take with you everything you think will be necessary and useful, but make sure that the respective items do not make you feel uncomfortable when biking.

Biking is an activity which can offer a lot of benefits if it is practiced according to the traffic laws regarding bicyclists. Respecting these rules you ensure a safe participation to the traffic.

Laws That Apply To Bicyclists

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