A Journey Into The JavaScript World

It’s been around 20 years for JavaScript and since then it has become a common choice for web developers. The entire ecosystem of web development is now supported by different JavaScript frameworks. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the important core technologies which majority of websites employ.

It took Brendan Eich only 10 days to invent JavaScript. As easy as it might seem, learning JavaScript might not be a piece of cake! So why be the lazy Garfield when you can buckle up and take the baby steps!

The infographic will help you in understanding all the different stages of learning JavaScript.

A journey into the JavaScript world

The above steps can definitely render a cursory acquaintance with the basics of JavaScript. This, however, may not suffice if you intend to build a strong foundation. To explore the concepts better, you may attend the online Instructor-led training sessions offered by Zeolearn and avail related course materials. This will help you grow at an equal pace with the fast-evolving world of web development.

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