Jeremy Corbyn’s 10-Point Plan to Transform Britain

He’s fought against Zionism, Apartheid and racism his whole life. His biggest challenge? Fighting for the future of Britain.

With a snap general election only a month away, and the UK media determined to undermine his every word, Jeremy Corbyn faces his biggest challenge – communicating his actual policies to the British public.

Labour’s 10-point blueprint outlines an ambitious proposal to rebuild Britain, including minimum wage increase, 4 additional bank holidays, plans to control the housing crisis, job security for everyone, much-needed extra funding for the NHS, an ambitious proposal to establish a National Education Service for all, commitment to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement, nationalisation of several public services, a cut in income inequality financed by establishing a new tax bracket for the top 5%, and a commitment to put diplomacy at the heart of Britain’s foreign policy.

Here our take, but most certainly, the choice is up to the voters:

Jeremy Corbyn's 10-Point Plan to Transform Britain

Infographic by Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

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