Green Card Through Marriage Timeline

Green card through marriage timeline typically runs a little over than six months. However, if you make mistakes on your application, your green card through marriage timeline may become much longer. For example, incomplete applications or applications without proper supporting documentation typically get delayed. Throughout the entire process, be diligent. This way, you can optimize your green card through marriage timeline. Here is the summary of the process for your reference.

Green Card Through Marriage Timeline Refresher

First, you work on your application. You fill out the paperwork, provide supporting documentation and file your document package with the USCIS. Second, you receive a formal acknowledgment from the USCIS that your application has been received and accepted. Unlike other communication from the USCIS, this is critical because it starts the clock on your application. Third, you receive an invitation to attend the biometrics appoint. During the biometrics appointment, you submit your picture, your finger prints and your signature. You must attend this appointment.

Fourth, you receive an invitation to attend your immigration interview. After the actual filing of the package, this is the most important milestone to your green card. USCIS, most likely, will not approve your green card without the interview. Thus, you must attend the green card marriage interview. Depending on how you do during your interview, you will succeed or fail at securing the green card. Fifth, depending on the decision, you will receive your green card in the mail or you will receive a notification that your application was denied. At any step of this process, the USCIS can send you a request for additional evidence (RFE). You have to respond to the USCIS within the timeframe that the USCIS gives you. And you must provide the documents they are seeking.

Green Card Through Marriage Timeline

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