Google Penguin Update (Real Time)

Internet users, usually webpage owners, have used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to fluctuate page views. This is normal, except the way they do it is put into two main categories; Black Hat SEO, the dark side, and White Hat SEO, the light side. To keep all fair and true, Google launches a new algorithm 500-600 times a year. This updated change has been known as Google Penguin; it’s purpose is to prevent link manipulation from the Black Hatters who try to falsify their rankings for their benefit.  Real-time Penguin is Google’s newest, and most impressive, launch to date. With the use of Real-time Penguin, businesses can depend on instant results; that means that any penalties will be consecutively recovered and this will be done at higher speeds then ever before. It also will provide back links to profiles to prove it’s authentication. While real-time penguin will aid in losses and unfortunate events, businesses should be aware of some red-flags that can help prevent Black Hat SEOs entirely.

By creating good content you will attract corresponding viewers. If link authority seems unnatural, or spread with a link profile tool, stay away. It is best to always follow Google’s guidelines for quality practices.

Source: Digitrio Pte Ltd

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