Geo-fencing Techniques for Small Businesses

Have you been thinking about implementing new marketing strategies but found yourself without any innovative ideas? It’s high time you forgot about the traditional offline and online techniques. Geo-fencing, state-of-the-art software feature, proved to provide small businesses with a multitude of benefits.

Geo-fencing explained

Geo-fencing represents a virtual barrier that uses GPS and RFID to define geographical boundaries. What you have to do is build an app with an online app builder and have your regular clients and customers download it. After that, it is essential to set up a geofence, an area in which customers will be able to receive notifications from you that might interest them. Whether you are running a coffee shop, restaurant, law office or real-estate agency, you are bound to benefit from geo-fencing.

To find out more about geo-fencing techniques and how to implement them to best suit your business, check out the following infographic.


Geo-fencing Techniques for Small Businesses

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