Funny Exam Superstitions from Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Schools around the world are very different, and so are the education systems that they operate in. What usually doesn’t change, though, is the fact that somewhere down the line, students’ performance needs to be measured.

That’s where examinations come in, an important part of education which transcends countries and cultures and takes part all over the world. And with that comes a truly multicultural set of beliefs and superstitions that will blow your mind – and that will make you laugh along the way.

Luckily for us, Essay Geeks has crunched the numbers and carried out the research and created a hilarious infographic that shares ten of the weirdest pre-exam superstitions from around the world. Get ready to giggle as you learn where students put money in their shoes, where they avoid bananas and where they sleep on their textbooks in the hope that they learn a little in their sleep.

And if you’ve got an exam of your own coming up, good luck – and don’t forget to wear your lucky red underpants!

infographic 10 pre-exam superstitions or rituals -

Created by EssayGeeks

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