How An Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile

Electric Toothbrush Buying Tips

If you ever find yourself in the market for a great Electric Toothbrush, it never hurts to have a list of criteria to compare against.  This list is a nice starting point to help you turn your search for the Best Electric Toothbrush into an Electric Smile.

1. Effectiveness

  • Choose a Rotation Oscillation action toothbrush to obtain best results
  • A solid vigorous bristle motion will work the best.

2. Bristle

  • Soft bristles to the best job of getting into all of the crevices for a more thorough brushing.

3. Handle Size

  • Don’t get an electric toothbrush that is too heavy, or you will grow tired of using it.
  • The right size handle provides for a grip to keep you from dropping the toothbrush, or to maintain hand muscle comfort to allow for longer periods of brushing.

4. Cost

  • Don’t break the bank paying for features that won’t improve your experience.

5. Expert Opinions

  • Look for Recommendations from Dentists.  They see firsthand which patients get the best results.
  • Peruse Negative User Reviews to look for deal breaker problems.
  • Look for product reviews to find features that mean the most to you.

6. Environmental Concerns

  • Be eco-friendly by verifying that when you are done with your electric toothbrush (after several years), that disposal is easy and doesn’t pollute the landfills (look for government recycling services).
  • Find out how long the small electric toothbrush heads last.  Regular toothbrushes should consume a lot more land fill space then these small electric toothbrush bristle heads.

7. Safety

  • An electric toothbrush that is too harsh on your teeth could cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Look for Electrical Certification or compliance to OSHA standards.  After all, you will be using this electrical appliance around running water
  • Avoid toothbrush heads that vibrate violently.  Too strong of a movement can chip a tooth.  Yet another reason to look for heads that rotate.

8. Power Source and Charging

  • Look for a low voltage toothbrush.  Lately inductive charging (cordless) is the latest fad.  But, there are drawbacks such as slow charging, inoperable which charging, and higher costs.
  • Look for an electric toothbrush with a long lasting rechargeable battery.

How An Electric Toothbrush Creates An Electric Smile

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