Digital Literacy In India

Today we know there is a significant increase in internet consumption along with a cheaper smartphone available in India, increasing the trend of dependency on Internet for the smallest requirement. The ever growing internet market proves the user’s interest on fastest and cheapest method for their needs.  With the governments focus on digital literacy India can become a digital literate nation where every citizen has the ability to work on a computer, pay digital money, learn online, grow business with the help of digitized equipment, cheaper communication through social networking site, which will definitely make a better and learned India.

As the PM Modi-led NDA government is dreaming of a digital India, the study shows that the government has a long way to go in developing a digital savvy country.

To increase digital literacy in India there is a need to educate people about the digital equipment and their use. Digital education must be provided to citizens through media, school, colleges, various awareness programs.

School management system is one of the examples of the digital world.

Digital Literacy In India

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