How Bugs Impact YOUR Company Growth

You want explosive growth for your company and do everything in your power to make sure that you build the right products for your customers. But how many of you spend enough time on doing the right amount of QA work in your company? Did you know that bugs can be a major impact on the ability for your company to truly succeed in today’s market? So many people overlook how bugs can impact the very core functions of what it means to operate. In this killer infographic, check out some of the most interesting statistics on customers today and how they choose to do business with you and your apps or websites. Bugs come in all shapes and sizes but primarily you need to be focused on providing the best experience for your customers.

For instance:

  • 34% of consumers will go to your competitor if your app doesn’t work
  • A single hour of downtime can cost over $300k!
  • Data losses can put a company out of business!

Check out these stats and much more in the infographic below:

How Bugs Impact Your Company created by Global App Testing

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