Benefits of Martials Arts for Kids

Martial Arts are a great way to help your child grow up proud and capable!
Children today need to feel more secure in the world, and also learn they are ultimately responsible for creating that security for themselves and others. To learn this big life lesson, they must learn to keep going through things that would hold them back. In a systematic, safe and fun way, NPMAC To-Shin Do will help your child explore and stretch all the physical, mental and winning spirit boundaries.

To-Shin Do martial arts training is all about perseverance – intelligence and commitment combined. We transform young lives by teaching children to avoid negative forces while developing their strengths – creating leaders and peacemakers dedicated to using their training to benefit the community.

Leader, follower, or loner – which one do you want your child to become?
Newbury Park Martial Arts Center training provides the opportunity and the skills to overcome any obstacle on the path to success by teaching:

• LEADERSHIP – How to take charge so that everyone can win
• FOCUS – Eyes and mind unfailingly on the right target
• PERSEVERANCE – Sticking with a noble but challenging goal
• CONFIDENCE – Positive ways to win no matter what life dishes out
• COMPASSION – The truly powerful extend care for all
• RESPECT – The importance of treating others with dignity
• CONFLICT RESOLUTION – How to make and keep peace
• FITNESS – Life-long love of healthy vibrant living
• TEAMWORK – Bringing out the best in everyone

True self esteem is earned through struggle, not awarded as a present

Kids think we are cool in our black belts, but parents know we are their best allies in helping them raise and empower their children.

“I almost never listened to my father’s advice, but I always listed to my martial arts instructor. Now it’s ironic to recognize that they were both teaching me the same important things.”
– Tom Wilson, 27 years of martial arts training

Life is all too short and our children grow up so fast. We have limited time to expose them to the ideas, the people, and the experiences that will arm them with the tools they need – not only for material success – but for deep and authentic happiness.

“I will never forget the day my daughter first stepped on the mat. That day stands out for both of us as one of the most important of her life.”
– Kathy Arnold, mom of high school To-Shin Do Black Belt daughter

Better health, higher fitness, more mental and emotional clarity, a lot of new friendships, and many adventure experiences await your child.

We invite you to use our To-Shin Do martial arts classes to help raise your child to become a self-actualized adult you will be proud to see walking purposefully in the world.

If my child learns self-defense techniques, won’t he be tempted to use his skill as a bully himself? That is a possibility in a poor quality school run by a questionable instructor. That’s why it is so important to enroll your child in our professional school with our caring and inspired role-model teachers. We emphasize the beauty and power of being a protector instead of a predator. We show children how to help others feel good around them by teaching our children why some kids choose bullying as their way to get attention and feel important. Experience has shown that the more skilled the true martial artist, the less likely they will jump to physical solutions for disagreements. They win just by carrying themselves like a winner.

Maybe we should enroll our children in a cheaper program to see if they like martial arts, and transfer to the professional Newbury Park Martial Arts Center later if the kids want to train for mastery? A discount program run by hobbyists is likely to be poorly designed and unskillfully presented. It will quickly drain your child’s enthusiasm. Naturally, they will want to quit, and there will be no way to convince them a new school will be a better experience. You will lose the opportunity for your child to get the real and lasting benefits of authentic martial arts empowerment. Start with the best school right from the beginning.

How Martial arts help kids

Why do we have to commit to a program? Can we just pay by the class as long as we like it?
Though each individual class has tremendous value, the benefits of martial arts training are cumulative. It takes time to develop physically, evolve emotionally, and transform into a stronger person. Just like weight training to build strength, dieting for a healthier physique, or learning a new language, it takes time before results start to show up. Making a judgment as to progress after only a few sessions would not be fair. It is important to make up your mind from the beginning that you are going to complete the program in order to receive the benefits you seek.

Yes, but my child has a habit of getting bored and quitting things after doing them for awhile… Then right now is the perfect time to teach your child the new habit of planning for success and then sticking to that promise. We’ll help you make that needed transition in your child’s life.

How do I know if yours is the best school for me?
The best possible way is to try us out and see what we deliver. Phone us today to set up an appointment for you to visit the school and meet our instructors.

We will ask you some questions about what you want to get from martial arts training. We will ask a few questions about who you are and what is important to you. If we both feel we are the school for you, we will invite you to try a few classes with us with no obligation.

(On the other hand, if it seems clear we are not just-right for you, we will give you a list of some other schools in the area that may be better suited to your goals.)

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