7 Ways to Save Swimming Pool Water

Have you ever wondered why your water bills have surprisingly increased compared to your bills from previous months? Well, you might want to check your backyard and see if your swimming pool is the one that’s responsible for the big problem!

There are certain reasons behind these higher water bills, this include: possible leaks, unnecessary water features, excessive backwashing, and etc. Moreover, the behavior of nature could make the problem worst. Evaporation is the main culprit of water loss from your pool property. However, knowing the proper ways of swimming pool maintenance will help you conquer evaporation and rapid water loss. By doing so, it will save your pool from being transformed into a vegetable garden, and give back some gift to the Earth’s resources.

To present you some useful steps on conserving swimming pool water, here’s a must-see infographic made by Australian Spas and Pools, a Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder.

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