6 Step DIY Method to Unblock a Sink in an Emergency

We recommend that you buy a sink plunger, keep it ready to use, and use this simple 6 step DIY method to unblock your sink next time it happens to you. In our experience sinks always block up at the most inconvenient times.  If it happens when you are dishing up the food, when entertaining friends, as it often can, this method for unblocking your kitchen sink can avoid a drama turning into a spoilt meal and a loss of your credibility as a good chef!

Why is it that sink blockage emergencies happen so often when you are entertaining? We think it is because you are rushing to prepare a meal and you may not notice that some fat (which can build-up in your sink drain) has been poured down the plug hole, or it may be that in your haste the dishes you wash are rather a lot dirtier than you thought. The result is that particles collect in your sink drain and will not flush away until you use this simple DIY method to unblock a sink.

If you do not use this DIY method to unblock a sink you may have to wait many hours for an emergency plumber to arrive, and in that situation, if it is out of normal working hours, the amount that a plumber may charge you can be exorbitant.

However, if your sink has become blocked more than once and you don’t know why it has become blocked. Maybe you never poured animal fat down it and maybe you don’t throw very mucky water down you sink. If so, you will need to call a plumber because your drain is most likely faulty, or just need a good cleaning out of the sort that only a good plumber can do for you.

Please take a look at this infographic for more information, and you are also welcome to paste this infographic image depicting our simple DIY method to unblock a sink, into your own website, as long as you provide a hyperlink back to the original graphic.

Remember: There is often no plumber available when you need a DIY method to unblock a sink. Be prepared, especially at night and during holiday periods. Download this image and keep it for future use when your sink becomes blocked.

6 Step DIY Method to Unblock a Sink in an Emergency

Source: Plumbersshrewsbury

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